Full Automatic Clicker Root Free

How to click two points at the same time
1、Support online setting of timed start, start step, number of cycles and other setting contents.

2、Support online modification of click waiting time, number of times, press length and other click settings.

3、Support online browsing operation tutorial content, start learning how to complete all operations.

4、Support online modification of the click mode, you can choose the default mode or custom mode.

5、Support online save configuration management, click the button to put away or expand the operation console.

6、Support online lock click position, you can remove the current locked position at any time.

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    Automatic clicker how to press several at the same time
    1、Click “Save” on the console to save all the currently added control points, save the associated application, the next time you open this configuration can jump directly to the relevant application.

    2, back to the app home page click to open the automatic click, open the console.

    3、According to your needs, you can click to add back keys, desktop keys, click, slide, multi-point operations, drag each operation point to adjust the position, click the operation point, you can open the parameter setting dialog box, according to their needs to set.

    4、Click “Hide” on the console to hide all the action points added, which will not affect the execution of the action points.

    5、Click on the hoverbox permission on the app home page – open the hoverbox permission; then click on the accessibility permission, find the fully automatic clicker in the auxiliary function and open it.

    6、Click “Start” on the console to start the automatic operation.

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