Fully automatic clicker

Application Description
Automatic Clicker is an automatic clicker that does not require root access and is ad-free to make you feel more comfortable using it. It takes the place of our fingers and automatically clicks on the screen, freeing your hands completely. It has a simple interface and allows you to add click positions, set click types, click speeds and more. It is a very convenient and easy to use app for mobile phones.
After walking through a sea of flowers and a forest (and using other clickers), you will eventually choose to stay here!
How to use]
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    1. Click on the hoverbox permission on the app home page – open the hoverbox permission; then click on the accessibility permission, find the fully automatic clicker in the auxiliary function and open it
    2. Go back to the app home page and click to open the automatic clicker and open the console.
    3. According to your needs, you can click to add the back button, desktop key, click, slide, multi-point operations, drag each operation point to adjust the position, click the operation point, you can open the parameter setting dialog box, according to their needs to set.
    4. Click on “Hide” in the console to hide all the action points added, which will not affect the execution of the action points.
    5. Click on “Start” in the console to start the automatic operation.
    6. Click on “Save” in the console to save all the control points you have added. When saving, you can select the associated application, so that the next time you open this configuration you can jump directly to the relevant application.


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