Green dot full mouse auto clicker

Green dot full mouse auto clicker is a very practical mouse auto clicker software, easy to operate, suitable for net game coaching, brush advertising click, brush website traffic and other environment, need friends quickly to IT catapult download it!

Software Introduction
Green Dot Mouse Auto Clicker is a simulated recording of the mouse auto click function and playback, easy and convenient to operate, with detailed operation documentation, you can determine whether to run the key file according to the colour of the dot.

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    Software features
    1, easy to operate, with detailed documentation.

    2、Green without installation, without any plug-ins.

    1. Completely simulates the recording and playback of the automatic mouse clicks.
    2. The colour of the dot can be used to determine if a keystroke file is running or not.

    Green Dot Mouse Clicker

    How to use
    To record and play back mouse and keyboard actions first remember the four shortcut hotkeys

    CTRL+Q to start recording

    CTRL+W to end recording

    CTRL+E to start playback

    CTRL+R to end playback

    Added the ability to fix the mouse position when clicking

    Updated kernel to improve simulation performance

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