Green Dot Keystroke

Green Dot Keystroke is a customizable keystroke tool that completely simulates the actions of the mouse and keyboard system, freeing up your hands, so download it from IT Catapult if you need it!

Green Dot Keystroke software features
①You can simplify your common keyboard operations, such as the common key combinations, to Green Dot can be set to one key effect, or a common key on the keyboard is broken, you can use Green Dot to set other uncommon keys to replace.

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    ②Some common system operations can even be programmed with the green dot to create a timed alarm clock or a timed reminder.

    I used to play the game when I was putting things in the warehouse or selling things at a price in the stall were some repetitive mouse operations, then I used the green dot, brush, press a key, it would have taken ten minutes to complete the thing, it was done in a flash.

    ④The Green Dot button does not just perform operations, it can also perform different operations according to different conditions, determine whether a point on the screen is a certain colour to perform a command, or find a point on the screen to perform a command.

    ⑤ It is up to you to find out more about its use.

    The Green Dot Button

    How to use the Green Dot button

    1. Click on on the main Green Dot window and the Green Dot Editor window will pop up.
    2. Select in the tab — type “hello” in the pop-up message field — then click the <+> key on the right, as shown in the picture.
    3. At this point we will see that in the code field on the right the script has been entered.

    The next step is to give the script a name, click on the

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