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Auto-Tapper – Screen clicker, free up your hands

Auto-Tapper is an Android app that helps you tap the screen automatically, no root required, visual operation, no scripting, ready to use, tap, long press, drag and many other operations and combinations.

Auto-Tapper – the screen tapper that frees up your hands
The famous Keystroke Wizard can help you to automatically click on a given location on Windows. This Android app called Auto-Tapper can do the same.

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    Autotapper can be customised with very detailed settings for the streak: click period, touch duration, number of executions, random distance from the click position, simulated swipe duration:.

    Auto-Tapper – the screen clicker that frees up your hands
    And a simpler menu below.

    1 tap per second
    10 clicks per second
    20 clicks per second
    30 clicks per second
    50 clicks per second
    1 click every 2 seconds
    Every 5 seconds
    The long click function is available once per second.

    After granting permission, the motor is activated and the Auto-Tapper appears on the screen with the following list of tools.

    Auto-Tapper – screen streaker, free your hands [Android] 3
    The plus and minus signs are clicked, the third finger button is swiped and then the position is dragged around the screen, when finished click the first play button and the auto-tap starts.

    Long press on the control at the tap position will bring up the parameters configuration for the single tap, which allows you to set the delay, touch duration and number of repetitions for the single tap. You can also save the position on the settings page for next time.

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