Hongyuan Mouse Auto Clicker

Hongyuan Mouse Auto Clicker is a very useful mouse clicker software. It can customize the mouse coordinates to ensure accurate positioning of the mouse, and it can also record and play back mouse movements to achieve simulated mouse operations. If you are interested, please come to IT Catapult to download and experience it.

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    Software Introduction
    Hongyuan Mouse Auto-Clicker is a free green version of mouse auto-clicker, it can record and playback mouse movements to achieve simulated any mouse operation, support custom mouse coordinates click, strive to achieve accurate positioning, is a good helper for web games.

    Function Introduction
    1、Can record and play back three kinds of mouse movements: pointer movement, left click and right click

    2、Left-click from left to right or right to left to continuously click on the pop-up information box button area

    3, can simulate left click, left click double click, right click, right click double click four kinds of mouse action respectively

    Instructions for use
    1、Open the software, press [CTRL+F4] key combination, or click the button on the interface to start recording mouse operations

    2、After recording, press [CTRL+F5] key combination, or click the button on the interface, you can play the recorded operation

    3、Or you can customize it to simulate the type of click

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