tap tap breaking is a clicker game, the player controls the character by clicking to break the props to get experience and gold to complete the upgrade. Now we can use auto clicker to operate the game, which greatly simplifies the operation process and saves a lot of time for the player, and the whole process is easy and simple by setting up the script in advance to achieve the hang-up self-running. auto clicker is perfectly suited to click. The following is a demonstration of how auto clicker automates the tap tap breaking game

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      1. open auto clicker and authorize, please make sure to open the permission before returning to the home page to continue the operation, to avoid problems such as automatic closure, stuck in the process of running.
      2. return to the phone desktop, let auto clicker keep in the day after running state
      3. open the game tap tap breaking.
      4. Wake up the auto clicker menu bar in the game operation interface, click start recording, record the game operation packing and click save.
      5. Open the recorded game operation script, select detailed settings, adjust the interval time of each operation step and click save.
      6. Open the recorded script in the game and click Run to realize auto run.

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