HUAWEI auto clicker

Go to your phone’s settings, set up your assistant’s permissions, and in the accessibility settings, turn on the auto clicker function, which will monitor your actions, retrieve window content, and perform gestures once it’s on.

Auto clicker setup sliding and usage tutorial . Install the autoclicker. Once installed, open the autoclicker and click on Set Assist Permissions to open the settings screen. Turn on the system’s auto clicker switch and click OK.

The delay parameter can be modified, but most applications have a limited response time, and the point is too fast to be detected, after all, we are not so fast hand speed can be discussed in the official forum

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

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    The first step is to enter the editor; the second step is to insert the script; the third step is to modify the description; the fourth step is to set the hotkeys; the fifth step is to set the script to loop infinitely; the sixth step is to save the script. 1. By creating a script, you can let the keystroke wizard replace your hands and automatically perform a series of mouse and keyboard actions. 2, software features: keystroke wizard. Easy to use, very easy to get started, suitable for beginner programmers; powerful, rich script statements, and has a powerful function to record keystrokes; user-friendly interface, providing multi-interface editing functions, using the mouse can complete most of the scripting actions; provide writing script wizard, command library encryption, cloud script storage and other user-friendly features; good compatibility, support most of the Windows It has a built-in resource library with popular plug-ins, command libraries and other resources; it has a “shield” protection function.

    The mobile phone screen auto clicker is a robot that simulates a hand clicking on the screen. The mobile phone screen auto clicker is a mechanical hand to simulate a hand click on the screen.

    Just set a time in the settings. Open the menu button, select Phone Settings – General – Security Settings – Phone and SIM Card – then set the auto lock time

    If you can’t install the auto clicker on your phone, the signature of the auto clicker is not the same as the signature on your phone, uninstall the original clicker and reinstall it.

    Huawei mobile phones can still auto-click, mainly related to the software, you can go to the software to set on it.

    You can set it up in the software. In Settings, find System, Version, and press Android Version seven times in a row to open the Developer Options mode. Return to the previous level, find the developer options, find the window animation and excessive animation, the larger the number of times behind, the better the animation effect, but the more memory it takes up, the more card, the smaller the number of times the animation effect is not obvious, but does not take up memory, relatively less card. If you have any questions, please ask.

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