I auto clicker

iClicker is a very useful app, simple to operate, easy to set up to start continuous clicking, easy to free users’ hands, whether it is to read the web, or play games, just set up continuous clicking, you can not use your hands, make your life easier, I believe you will love this very useful software! Features Description

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    1, Super convenient and fast beautiful and generous script page.

    2, i clicker supports Chinese reading scripts, easy to get started.

    3、With quick setting function, you can set the global click interval, touch length, repeat times.

    4、It is quite helpful for clicker type games.

    Basic introduction

    iClicker is a mobile phone clicking tool that provides users with automatic screen clicking, sliding gesture settings and other operations, very convenient and practical, no need to Root the phone. iClicker is a mobile phone automatic continuous clicker that helps you automatically click the screen, support gesture recording, multi-function key support, parameter settings are very rich, can help you easily complete all kinds of mobile phone continuous click operation, free your hands.


    1、Grabbing point and colour more accurate, is a good helper for developers interface customization;

    2, super convenient and beautiful script interface customization function, let developers love MQ language;

    3, i clicker has a lot of help for a variety of click-based games, simple and efficient.

    i clicker this app is very practical, simple operation, easy to set up can start continuous click, easy to free the hands of users, whether it is to read the web, or play games, as long as set up continuous click, you can not use your hands, let your life become more relaxed, I believe you will love this very practical software!

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