i Clicker VIP Crack is an automatic electric clicker for Android phones

i Clicker VIP Crack is an automatic electric clicker for Android phones, it has many and powerful functions, you can define your own methods and gestures to facilitate you to quickly open the function to use, saving a lot of steps, and the parameters, permissions, modes and so on can be set by yourself.

Application description
Clicker, Android clicker, auto clicker, auto connect clicker, helps you to automatically click the screen without ROOT permission. It is very easy to add taps, swipes and function key operations.

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    Implementing an auto clicker helper that simulates tapping on your phone screen, it replaces your hands and assists you with gestures on your phone screen. It implements similar functions as Script Wizard, Auto Rush, Auto Refresh, Auto Keystroke, Auto Tap, Auto Add Friend, Auto Brush Copy, etc.

    We support single tap, swipe gestures, function keys, multi-touch gestures, smart recognition clicks and other operations. Supports clicker and recorder for making scripts.

    One Clicker Crack

    Function introduction
    Parameter settings support: click period, number of executions, number of repetitions, touch duration, swipe duration, click position offset distance, touch duration random time, conditional smart literacy.

    Function keys support: Menu key, Home key, Back key, Open status bar, Action screenshot (Android 9.0), Action screenshot (Android 5.0), Three-finger screenshot, Open/Switch app, Click text (support Android native text and web text), Enter text, Delay wait, Click according to control ID.

    Personalised features support: click marker offset area display, pointer position display, toolbar support hide, clicker toolbar customisation, multi-script hover run, script merge, multi-script hover single script run, multi-script hover sequential run, long press delete action, script share import.

    iClicker App Highlights
    1、Completely free clicker APP, no ads clean and tidy, pure clicker function.

    2、Customize various gestures and click operations, support multi-touch clicking, start clicking quickly.

    3, set the parameters you want, bring you the click service you need, free your hands.

    4、Operation customization, set very free, play games hanging, good clicker.

    Software advantages
    Multi-click: click or slide multiple points at the same time

    Timed start: set a specified time to start automatically

    Random time: click interval, press or swipe time

    Crazy clicks: hundreds of clicks per second

    Version v3.1.7

    1. Fix the bug that the function button cannot be displayed in landscape mode of the recorder.

    2、Multi-script run hover window add sticky edge run mode.

    3、Add long press to close the hover window.

    4、Click on the text to support click range setting.

    5、Click text and click according to control ID add only the last click setting.

    v2.1.8 Version

    1、Optimize the way of running multiple scripts for recorder type scripts.

    2、Optimize clicker toolbar retracted state sliding.

    3、[New] Support broken touch and non-broken touch mode.

    4、[New] Optimize the script import function, you can click the shared script file and choose to use i clicker to open and import the script.

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