It can be used to customize the mouse button to use the continuous click function

It can be used to customize the mouse button to use the continuous click function, which is very suitable for playing some games that need to keep clicking the mouse, and can also be used for some scenarios such as ticketing or shopping. If you need it, you can download it from IT Catapult!

Software Introduction
This is a very useful mouse auto-click software, very powerful, can be used to grab the number, but also can use this tool for more operations, free to set the mouse click interval and click the way, completely according to their own habits to set, easy to operate.

Redji Mouse Clicker

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    Support for setting shortcut keys and the ability to set the keys of the mouse.

    Helping users to click the mouse automatically.

    Whether it’s for study, office or gaming, it can make you get twice the work done with half the effort

    It can simplify your common keyboard operations, for example, the common key combinations can be set to one key effect, or if a common key on the keyboard is broken, you can set another uncommon key to replace it with a green dot.

    Some common system operations can even be programmed with timed alarms or reminders.

    In the game of some automatic call or repeat operations, common operations, key combinations can be simple, I used to play the game, in the warehouse to put things or stall price to sell things are some repetitive mouse operations, brush, press a key, which would have taken ten minutes to complete things, completed in a flash.

    It doesn’t just perform operations in one go, it can also perform different operations depending on different conditions, determine if a point on the screen is a certain colour to perform a command, or find a point on the screen to perform a command.

    How to use RedKid Mouse Auto Clicker
    Run the program

    Run the game

    Place the mouse where you want to click

    Press ctrl+f3 to start mouse auto-click

    Once you have completed your purpose, press ctrl+f3 again to stop the mouse auto-click.

    Update Log
    Support Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

    Fix several bugs, mouse click speed adjustment.

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