Key Auto Clicker

Key Auto Clicker is an operating software that enables automatic clicking, which you can use in special environments or for those with crippling abilities, allowing you to understand its functions and options by clicking or gesturing with a touch… For those who want to know, hurry up and try it!

What are the advantages of the button auto clicker app.

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    1, support the service of automatic click, whether it is a single machine, or all kinds of double click can meet everyone.

    2, can support the operation of recording gestures it, so that you open the phone becomes more convenient oh.

    3, can help you to carry out a variety of touch operations, and many long press function oh.

    How about the key auto clicker app.

    1, support click, double click, slide, long press.

    2、Record gestures, you can easily record your own gestures.

    1. Set any parameters of the click, such as the delay of a single click, the length of the touch, the number of repetitions.

    What are the highlights of the button auto clicker app.

    1, is a mobile phone auto clicker software that implements simulated clicks, continuous clicker, replaces both hands and assists you in clicking on the desktop of your mobile phone screen.

    2、Users are able to use the software to replace their hands and go for quick clicks, the software is easy to operate and has practical functions.

    3、Save in real time, reuse and share with friends with one click.

    What are the functions of the keystroke auto clicker.

    1、Suitable for people with disabilities, simple interface easy to use.

    2、Automatic clicker to help you complete the work that needs to be repeatedly clicked.

    3、Autoswipe to help you swipe across the screen automatically.

    4、Automatic fast clicker, ten times faster than hand clicking!

    An auto-click tool launched to assist the touchy-feely game box together to help you get rid of your hands.

    Complete with intelligent clicks, you can also set the frequency, very practical, simulated clicks of the mobile phone auto clicker software.

    Can be used for batch automation testing, assisting people with impairments to use the phone.

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