Keystroke Wizard PC

Keystroke Wizard PC is the latest version of the Keystroke Wizard mouse and keyboard keystroke tool, itself has hundreds of built-in commands, through the monitor book instead of manual operation, greatly simplifies the pressure of the player’s keystroke operation, rich plug-ins also make the function become more diversified, if you need it, come to IT Catapult to download it!

Main functions include.

  1. Define a hotkey to achieve a series of keyboard keystroke action, mouse click action, mouse move action, input string action, delay action. More insert actions will be expanded later.
  2. Implement a loop of actions, each of which can be cycled. You can define a hotkey to abort the loop of an action, or you can define the number of cycles or the duration of the cycle yourself.
  3. All hotkeys can be valid for the specified window, so that the action is not automatically executed when the window is switched.
  4. Each hotkey action generates a cript file, which can be edited by experts to achieve powerful macro keys.
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    Frequently asked questions.
    Will I be blocked if I use Keystroke Wizard in online games?

    The Keystroke Wizard is only a tool to simulate keyboard and mouse operations, it has no function to modify game data or seal packets, so it can never be called a “game plug-in”. However, it is up to the game manufacturer to decide whether or not to block a player’s account if they prohibit them from using a tool such as the Keystroke Wizard. However, the smart and sensible game companies are now treating keystroke wizards and plug-ins differently, taking a non-banning and disapproving attitude and giving players the right to free their hands.

    Why do I get a blue screen or reboot after using the Keystroke Wizard?

    The blue screen and reboot may be due to the use of the “SHIELD” function or the “hardware emulation” function. These two functions use the system’s driver development technology and can easily cause blue screens or reboots due to conflicts with some anti-virus software. The solution is to keep the third-party software to a minimum.

    How to use Keystroke Wizard for PC
    Run the software and enter the main interface

    Keystroke Wizard official version

    Script management

    Keystroke Wizard

    Select a script to edit

    Keystroke Wizard for PC

    Perform keystroke capture operations

    Keystroke Wizard for PC

    Library of resources for download

    Keystroke Wizard for PC

    Update Log

    1. Solve the problem that the software name is modified, which causes the online command help to be unloadable
    2. Solve the problem that the encrypted command library cannot be used after calling other encrypted command libraries
    3. Solve the problem that the editor occasionally fails to debug the interface several times
    4. Optimize the slow execution speed of TracePrint command in the command library
    5. Optimize Import command to support calling attached files

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