KJ Mouse Clicker

KJ Mouse Clicker is a mouse tool that supports auto-clicking or continuous clicking. It is easy to use and has clear settings that even a computer novice will use, and includes the ability to record and repeat demo actions, allowing the user to eliminate scripting.

About KJ Mouse Clicker
A very useful mouse clicker, with this software, you can customize the mouse click function, completely free the user, no need to do mechanical repetitive actions, easy to operate, easy to use.

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      1. Set mouse click coordinates freely
      2. Set the automatic click start time manually and freely
      3. Add tips to prevent users from repeating operations.

      KJ Mouse Clicker

      KJ Mouse Clicker Features
      KJ Mouse Clicker is the first software exited by KJ Software Studio. In the spirit of serving all internet users and freeing your hands from heavy repetitive work, this software studio solemnly declares that KJ Mouse Clicker will never contain any third party plug-ins. We want to make only pure green software.

      • Free to set hotkeys
      • Modify mouse click interval freely
      • Left/right mouse button selection
      • Free click/double click

      KJ Mouse Auto Clicker Features
      ①You can simplify your common keyboard operations, for example, the common key combinations can be set to one key effect, or if a common key on the keyboard is broken, you can set another uncommon key through the green dot to replace it.

      ② Some common system operations can even be programmed with a timed alarm or timed reminder.

      ③ in the game of some automatic call or repeat operations, common operations, key combination operations can go to simple, I used to play the game, in the warehouse to put things or stall price to sell things are some repeated mouse operations, brush, press a key, would have taken ten minutes to complete things, completed in a flash.

      It can also perform different actions depending on different conditions, determine whether a point on the screen is a certain colour to perform a command, or find a point on the screen to perform a command.

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