lewang auto clicker

It replaces your hands and assists you in clicking on the desktop of your mobile phone screen. It can achieve 200 clicks in 1 second and help the anchor to reach over 10,000 hearts easily.

Introduction of Le Web Auto Clicker Mobile
Lets you free up your hands and make your screen click automatically. Auto Clicker starts/ends auto clicking by floating the control panel.

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    You can use the control panel to add click positions to your screen for automatic clicking.

    Click position save function, come back to it next time Long press on the click position control will bring up the single click parameter configuration, you can set the single click delay, touch duration, repeat count Through the settings you can set the global click interval, touch duration, repeat count. There are also quick settings which are useful for a variety of click-based games.

    IDLE games such as Crazy Click are easy and efficient. Have fun with it 🙂 and discover all the other uses 🙂

    New version
    Fix known bugs

    Optimise the interface experience

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