Lightning Auto Clicker is an application that helps users to automatically complete their clicking tasks

Software features

  Support for carrying out the auto-tap function, no need to tap the screen manually after setting it up, it automatically does it for you.

  the swipe action can be set, whether left or right, up or down

  the number of repeated clicks can be set freely, without any word limit

  support for setting the interval between automatic clicks, with the fastest setting being 0.1 seconds each.

  the possibility of saving the set path to the phone for unlimited use next time

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    support for viewing one’s recent usage history and having a clear overview of the most recent records.

    Software advantages

      Support for multiple points on the screen to be clicked at the same time, simply set the position of the screen to be clicked by yourself.

      The ability to cycle through gestures after freely recording them, freeing up your hands.

      It runs very fast, much faster than if you were to tap manually.

      It runs steadily in the background without any dropouts.

      Multiple scripts can be set up at the same time, so you can choose which script to run.

      It is very easy to use, no ROOT permission is required, and you can record and run scripts easily.

    Software highlights

      1. The team vows to keep all features free. Screen Auto-Tap Assistant always offers ad-exclusion at a low price and tries to make our ads as unobtrusive as possible so that everyone can use the app.

      2. Super simple interface and simple but useful features, I believe many people appear to help others grab train tickets, this auto click assistant makes it easy for you to get them.

      3. There is a detailed tutorial inside, so it is recommended to take a good look before using it. It supports single mode as well as multiple mode options, and custom settings for click rate as well as click length and duration can be customised.

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