Lightning Auto Clicker

Lightning Auto Clicker is an application that helps users to automatically complete their clicking tasks. Lightning Auto Clicker can be set up with one click to automatically play the game for you and earn rewards for completing consecutive clicks.

Software Introduction

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    Lightning Auto Clicker is a software that records gestures and clicks.

      Lightning Auto Clicker not only helps you to complete some fixed and repetitive operations.

      It is also a good helper for people with disabilities, the Lightning Click app can reduce their barriers in using the phone.

    Lightning Clicker


      1、Autoclicker app can create various hand game auxiliary scripts to help you achieve various automatic operations;

      2, automatic grab red packet, grab single, grab train tickets, automatic check-in, pointing and other auxiliary, screen automatic click assistant all do not say;

      3、Built-in script toolbox provides you with ready-made free and practical mobile script assistants;

      4, a little bit of functionality to help you easily achieve in a short period of time to quickly and continuously click the script export function;

      5、Make the mobile application more convenient to use and share a more simple and powerful grasping tool;

      6、Grab the point to grab the colour more accurately, is a good helper for developers interface customization;

      7, Keystroke Wizard super convenient and beautiful script interface customization features, so developers love MQ language;

    Feature Highlights

      1、It can reliably click on any selected location on your screen at the interval you set.

      2、Autoclicker does not require root access and can be used with full screen applications.

      3、If you need to keep a certain game on, or need to tap the same button repeatedly, or need to tap the screen as quickly as possible, it can help you to do so.

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