Maruko Tapbox app

Maruko Tapbox app will free your hands and protect your phone, automatically help you to complete the operation of continuous tapping, suitable for a variety of small games, small red packets and other content, customize the way to tap, frequency and so on easy to set, very simple, download Maruko Tapbox app and start to experience!

Maruko Connect Tap (Android auto clicker without root)

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    Introduction of Maruko Dot Repeater
    Maruko Tapbox is a handheld tapbox app that focuses on placement games.

    You can set your own parameters, and automatically click to get gold and other props, stable and smooth to use.

    Highlights of Maruko Dot Com software
    It is an automatic execution software that supports ROOT-free, aiming to reduce the user’s repeated operations or clicks on the phone and achieve the function of one-click straight.

    For example, if you combine several actions to open your circle of friends into a “one click to visit your circle of friends” automation, then you will only need to manually click on this automation every day and can quickly open your circle of friends without having to click on repeated actions.

    In addition, the software also allows for more interesting functions.

    For example, it can be used to simulate clicking on the interface of a game or advertisement, to automate software testing, to assist the elderly or children to use the phone quickly, to perform functions set by the user at regular intervals, etc.

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