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Mobile Connect Dots Free is an amazingly powerful handheld game aid. The official version of Mobile Connect Dots for Android is very easy to use, Mobile Connect Dots Free brings together all types of games that can be played automatically with Mobile Connect Dots!

Software introduction

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    The free version is a very powerful scripting tool for mobile phones. It is extremely easy to use, with a rich set of footsteps and hundreds of powerful and popular assistants and games, you can create scripts that simulate manual operations, helping you to automate operations on your phone, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

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    Software Highlights

      1, online games can be used to create scripts to automatically fight monsters, automatically replenish blood, automatically speak, etc.

      2, office workers can use the keystroke wizard to automatically handle the conversion of data between tables, automatically adjust the format of documents, article layout, automatically send and receive e-mails, etc.

      3, the use of keystroke wizard to achieve regular automatic opening test web links, literature search, collection of information and other repetitive operations.

      4、Any computer operation that can be done with both hands in front of the computer can be done instead.

    Basic introduction

      1. It saves the hassle of manual operation and also improves the life of the mobile phone screen.

      2. Just run the software, press the hotkey and let the program click for you automatically!

      3. You can set the interval time and the number of key clicks.

      4. Safe, free and green application that simulates finger touch screen operation without any malicious plug-ins or pop-ups.

    Software features

      1. Record user touch actions

      2. Support script editing function

      3. Support full-screen image search, area search and fuzzy image search

      4. Support full-screen colour search, area colour search and blur colour search

      5. More functions are waiting for you to experience

    Function introduction

      1. Discovery function.

      To provide you with hundreds of powerful and popular auxiliary and high-quality hand games.

      2、Click function.

      Help you easily achieve rapid successive clicks in a short period of time.

      3、Recording function.

      Can easily simulate all the movements of your fingers on the screen.

      4、Script export function.

      Scripts on the Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click, making it easier to share the mobile application for use.

      5、Powerful grasping tools.

      Grab point and grab colour more accurately, a good helper for developers.

      6. Interface customisation.

      Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful script interface customization function makes developers love it.

    Software advantages

      1、Simple operation, very easy to get started, suitable for junior programmers.

      2, powerful, rich script statements, and powerful shortcut key operation function.

      3、Friendly interface, providing multi-interface editing functions, using the mouse to complete most of the scripting actions.

      4. providing humanized features such as script writing wizard, command library encryption and cloud script storage.

      5、Good compatibility, supporting most mobile phone software.

      6、Built-in resource library, providing popular plug-ins, command libraries and other resources for download.

      7、With the function of “God Shield” protection.

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