Mobile legends+Auto clicker Quickly release combo skills

mobile legends is currently one of the hottest mobile games in the world, and is sought after by a large number of gamers from all over the world for its excellent gaming experience. Today we show you how to use auto clicker with mobile legends to improve your game personal game operation level, so that your game character can quickly release skills to achieve one-touch move, second change equipment and other operations

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    1 first we need to download and install auto clicker in google play this mobile software

    2 before using auto clicker we need to authorize to get cell phone operation permission

    3 open mobile legends we need to record the gestures in the training mode, each game character skills and operation methods are different, here we can choose to choose the

    Here we can choose the game character we often use to operate

    4 according to the game character’s skill attributes to choose the order of releasing skills, just click the start recording button and then operate the character to release a move, click to save the recorded script, then open the script to adjust the interval of each click to ensure that the character skills can be released in the shortest possible time.

    The above steps will complete the recording process. In the next game, you only need to click the start button on the hover screen to release the character’s moves in an instant.

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