Mobile phone auto clicker

Mobile phone auto clicker Android software download, provides you with the latest version of 2020, a new keystroke wizard app, if you need auxiliary function services, then this software you can not miss, to create the best auto clicker software 2020 Oh!

Software Description
Auto Clicker helps you to automatically click on the screen without ROOT permission. You can easily add click positions and set click speed. A mobile phone clicker application.

Similar to Keystroke Wizard.

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    Only supports Android 7.0 and above.

    What about Auto Clicker software]
    The mobile phone auto clicker creates a very good automatic keystroke function software, the aspect of use is very wide, very powerful, easily help you whether the game or other entertainment when easily free every user’s hands!

    It can be used on any app, you can set any position to click or slide at any time, a very good software, where the keystroke wizard can do this software can also do, the software needs to feel a little more yourself before you can use it, record your own script to save, white people can also record, brush the game what can be.

    Mobile phone auto clicker 2022 latest version

    [Software Features
    1. Click or slide frequency setting

    – You can set how often you want to click, to match your settings

    – Long press and short press times can be set freely

    – Touch points can be hidden or displayed at any time

    – Click frequency can be changed at any time

    – The click frequency can be changed quickly with one click

    2. Set the cycle mode

    – Number of cycles

    – Cycle until the stop button is pressed

    – Cycle time

    3、Storage and reading of settings

    – Quickly turn on the set coordinates

    4、Game anti-detection

    – Avoid clicking on the same coordinates, do small distance random displacement, avoid the game company detection

    5、Function bar setting

    – Choose your favourite display theme

    – You can freely sort the order of the buttons and hide the functions you don’t need

    – Vertical or horizontal display

    How to use Auto Clicker
    Enter the phone settings function and set the permission for the auxiliary function

    In the accessibility settings, turn on the auto clicker function

    Once turned on, it will monitor your actions, retrieve window content and perform gestures

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