Mobile phone continuous clicker

Auto Clicker is a mobile app that is fully automated and simulates gesture clicking. No root access, free, safe and stable, free your eyes and hands, truly intelligent automatic mode, manual click dare not imagine the peak click speed, script easy to record, interested users do not miss oh!

Software Introduction
Auto Clicker: An Android mobile phone auto clicker that simulates clicking and sliding, it can replace your hands to grab orders and shopping coupons, and assist you in the mobile phone screen interface click accelerator.

Auto Click Connect: It contains similar functions to Script Wizard, Auto Answer, Auto Refresh, Auto Check-In, Auto Keystroke, App Accelerator, etc. It is a great help for all kinds of clicking games and applications. You can set any operation such as click position, click frequency, swipe gesture, etc.

Auto-tap connects over the floating control panel to start/end auto-tap. You can use the control panel to add tap positions to the screen to enable auto-tap;

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    Auto Click Continuous Tap can replace both hands and assist you to click on the desktop of your mobile phone screen, you can quickly achieve multiple clicks, provide click gestures, multi-point gesture combination operation, free to add click position, click frequency, convenient and easy to operate;

    You can set the position and frequency of clicks to suit people with disabilities;

    Application scenarios
    1、Game automatic click to brush gifts, hanging operation to fight bosses, no manual operation

    2, video, circle of friends, live platform fast click, simple and efficient

    3、Grabbing single, grabbing train tickets, automatic check-in is not a problem

    4、Watching news, reading novels, short videos automatically click to refresh, the whole automatic slide page

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