Mouse Warrior mobile version Introduction

Mouse Warrior is an official mouse clicker software for Android mobile phone users, Android users can automatically click the software through Mouse Warrior mobile version, humanized mouse clicker settings, one key to achieve automatic click operation, mobile phone Root users must mouse clicker software, download and experience it!

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    Mouse Warrior mobile version Introduction.
    Mouse Warrior mouse clicker is a really good and zero bad reviews mouse mini clicker software, easy to set up, powerful. Just set your desired mouse click, click interval and function hotkeys, and the program will complete the automatic click operation.

    Instructions for using the latest version of Mouse Warrior

    Step 1

    Click on the start button and move the “1” to the position on the screen where you want to click, as shown in the example

    Step 2

    [Click on the Add button in the bottom menu and move “2” to the desired location on the screen.
    Step 3

    Click the “Run” button to start the click; you can stop the click by using the small floating layer on the right

    Mouse Warrior Mobile features.
    [Click type selectable

    Supports both left and right mouse clicks

    Different needs

    Variety of click events

    0.01-10 seconds to choose from

    100 clicks per second

    Hotkeys are faster

    Hotkeys can be used according to your habits

    Free up your hands by selecting the bottom of the hotkeys

    Visualisation of running status

    Start, progress and finish bubble alerts

    The current status can be seen at a glance

    Product Advantages
    “No Ads” No commercial ads

    “Recorded Gestures” Quickly record gestures and generate scripts easily

    “Smart Display” Smart display of relevant trigger points, so that the screen is not confusing

    “Quick Setup” Smart parameter recommendation, one click to set gesture related properties “Save Script” Quickly save script, easily switch script cycle

    “Batch Setting” Batch modifying all gesture properties, quick and easy to change

    “Hide Trigger Point” supports hiding the trigger point UI, giving the screen a clean and fresh look “Tutorial System” a comprehensive tutorial system, so you not only know how to use it but also understand its principles

    “Customer service support” online customer service, highly active communication group, someone to solve problems at any time

    “Minimised panel” can be retracted and only the start loop button can be retained to avoid affecting regular operations

    “Visualisation” All trigger points are displayed visually, so you can drag them around and set parameters freely. Full screen support, no dead space for gesture simulation

    “Multiple gestures: tap, long press, continuous tap, multi-tap, swipe, free swipe, drag and drop, etc.

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