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Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.

If you’ve ever needed to keep a game active, tap the same button over and over, or tap anywhere as fast as possible… we’ve got you covered.

Automatically click or swipe anywhere on the screen you want with custom durations.

Auto Clicker Application – Automatic Tap or Touch on mobile screen, Easy Touch allows users to set option with easily users can set perfect timing of Clicks Counts. Be a smart device and game player with our one and only Super Fast Tapping app.

Auto Clicker the application will automatically repeat taps at any place from your mobile device.use it when you need to continuously tap on the mobile screen with perfect timing, and special you can use it while you are playing a game and you need to continues on the screen to get a perfect result, just one tap and it will automatic clicking on your screen with your Click duration.

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    – Support single click, multiple click, and multiple swipes
    – Easy to use and more helpful settings
    – Save your configs
    – Support multiple languages

    Auto clicker the automatic tap the best tool which assists you automate repeated clicks. Auto clicker click assistant enables quick touch which helps automatic tapping on phone screen.

    Generate auto clicks repeated taps at location or point by adjusting number or specifying number of intervals. Use auto clicker automatic tap which brings repetitive touch with macro.

    Auto Clicker Application click automatically with perfect time duration through this smart Auto Clicker Application – Automatic Tap, Easy Touch app. Auto Clicker application provide users to make Easy Tap or Touch with perfect time duration on mobile screen through Button.

    Auto clicker tapping renders the ultimate floating control panel to start and stop the automatic tap/click.

    Keep the game active, tap or click the same buttons again and again by setting the intervals to repeating tap.

    Auto Clicker Assistant: Automatic Tapping App

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    ✓Add any click point at the screen
    ✓Generate single or multiple auto clicker
    ✓Set time and number of intervals to repeat
    ✓Play and stop auto clicking with ease and access
    ✓Curve swipes and pinch gestures
    ✓Floating control panel to easily start/ stop auto tapping
    ✓Great tools if you play click games

    Auto Tapper allow users special draw option with which you can easily swap your mobile screen with perfects set area, this app also allows users to instruction that how to float point work with specific options. so make easier your mobile touch with using this application.

    Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker,Easy Touch application with click onetime on mobile screen and it will automatically tap with specific time interval in your mobile screen.application will automatically repeat taps at any place from your mobile device.

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