Screen clicker

[Screen Clicker] is a system tool to assist users to operate their mobile phones, you can set the click mark or swipe mark and configure the corresponding parameters, after starting the task, the software will strictly follow the user preset steps to perform, similar to the keystroke wizard.

This application relies on the assistive (accessibility) functions provided by Android 7.0 and above to perform taps/swipes on the screen according to user preset parameters. Therefore it does not support systems below Android 7.0.

[Application Scenario].
It is mainly used in scenarios where repeated mechanical operations need to be performed on the phone frequently. At this time, you can use “Screen Clicker” to break down mechanical tasks into various tapping or swiping operations and configure parameters in series, such as looping, waiting, timing, etc. The clicker will automatically perform the tasks, freeing your hands from now on and saving your precious time to enjoy life better.

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    1. Second sale: For limited time sale activities on various shopping and takeaway platforms, use the speedy clicker with the timer function to help you grab your favourite treasure
    2. Game clicker: For games such as Animal Restaurant, Titan 2, Crazy Clicker, Hero Clicker and other Idle games, use the Speed Clicker function to speed up your game progress.
    3. Game assist: such as the glory of the king, my world, peace elite, pcr and other games, decomposition operation set into a script, when you need to quickly call, let you become a real game king
    4. Likes and comments: friends circle, live broadcast and other platforms quickly batch likes and comments, tell them who is the real likes and comments maniac
    5. Other interesting and powerful features to be discovered by you~

    Quick click: you can set the click position, click interval, click duration, cycle times, etc.
    Click form: Click, double click, long press, continuous click, etc.
    Auto Slide: You can set the slide gesture, slide duration, cycle times, cycle interval, etc.
    Nested scripts: you can execute other scripts within the current script
    Mobile phone keys: you can set the mobile phone HOME and BACK keys to be sent
    Timed start and stop: can be set to start and stop at any time, truly unattended
    Record at any time: can be saved as a script, convenient for next time use

    This software is for entertainment only, please do not use it for any illegal or infringement of other people’s rights, if not, all the consequences are your own~

    If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to leave a message, thank you!
    Have a nice life!

    New Version Features
    1. add shortcut button function, you can bind the script, click the button to run.
    2. new memory setting and loop execution function for timed start.
    3. the operation track can be displayed even when the running script is not the current script.
    4. the possibility to set whether to show markers and operation traces when running
    5. fixed the bug that after stopping in version 1.3.6, it could not start immediately after running again.
    6. fixed the bug that the first click was invalid after clicking start
    7. fixed the bug that the timed start was not accurate enough;
    8. the interface of home page and script list has been adjusted and optimized.
    9. other details optimization and stability enhancement.


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