Screen clicker free version is an automatic screen clicking aid that can replace your hands

Screen clicker free version is an automatic screen clicking aid that can replace your hands. Screen clicker app on the user can freely set the way to click, a key to quickly get started, automatic execution, screen clicker is suitable for multiple scenarios.

Software Description

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    Screen clicker free version has a lot of help for various clicking games. Like Crazy Click, Click Titan and other IDLE type games, simple and efficient. Screen clicker app supports various gestures such as single tap on screen, multi-tap cycle tap, tap plus swipe combination. The free version of Screen Clicker can be used for scenarios where the phone is repetitive.

    Screen Clicker


      No root access, automatic screen tapping, similar to Keystroke Wizard

      A magic tool for grabbing orders, assisting and automating operations, freeing your hands from now on

      Click speed, touch duration, position offset (anti-detection), start delay, etc. can be set

      Scripts can be saved for next time use

    Software features

      Quick start, one click; no ROOT required and can be used for global applications.

      Continuous click acceleration, automatic execution; record click or swipe operations at any time, freeing the user’s hands and enabling continuous click acceleration, easy to set click frequency and time interval.

      Real-time saving and reuse; save the tap script after recording and come back to it next time so that you don’t need to re-record it the next time you use it.

      Gesture recording with various functions; you can record a variety of gestures, supporting single click, multi-point cycle, slide combination and other irregular gestures.

      Quick setup, multiple controls; you can set multiple clicks, and set the order of clicks, time interval and number of repetitions.

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