Screen clicker

Software advantages

  1、In-game hanging to do activities, brush gifts, fight bosses, the whole process automatically completed, free your hands

  2、Automatic ticketing, automatic keystroke, click acceleration, etc., applicable to all kinds of APP

  3、Shopping platform to grab shopping coupons, grab discounts, a key to open, non-stop benefits

  4、Watch news, short videos, novels and other apps, automatic browsing, easy to watch, get rewards

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    Software highlights

      It can replace your hands and assist you to click on the desktop of your mobile phone screen, which can achieve multiple clicks in 1 second.

      Provide click gestures, auto clicker crazy clicker clicker metronome keystroke wizard continuous clicker sliding gesture combination operation.

      Freely add click position, click speed, click count, convenience and easy operation.

      You can set the click position, click frequency and other operations as you wish, suitable for people with disabilities.

      Discover all the other uses for yourself!

    Related information

      Before using, please follow the operating instructions and turn on [Assistive (Accessibility) Functions] and [Hover Window Permissions]


      Only phones with Android 7.0 or above are currently supported, please check your phone’s Android version before downloading. All mainstream phones are currently supported, if the installation fails, it’s time to get a new phone 🙂

      Known Issues]

      When the application encounters an unknown error and crashes, the Assist (Accessibility) function will not work, this is a system bug, just turn off [Assist (Accessibility)] and restart it. If it still does not work, please try restarting your phone. It will usually work.

      If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave feedback

      If you find it useful and helpful, please share it with your friends.

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