Simulation Wizard: As the name implies, it learns what you do. Record what you want to do, set a number of repetitions, and it will follow your lead

Simulation Wizard: As the name implies, it learns what you do. Record what you want to do, set a number of repetitions, and it will follow your lead.

SimWizard 2005 will give you a new and exciting experience like you’ve never had before. It is also a free, pure green software that can be used forever without any restrictions. No need to install and register to run anywhere, it has built-in web form interface programming, windows programming, simulation programming, XML serialisation, web services, zip compression, image processing ……

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    Net, ActiveX, vbs, js, DLL dynamic link libraries, COM components, WinAPI, etc.

    Net, ActiveX, vbs, js, DLLs, COM components, WinAPI, etc. Small in size but can help you with almost all common computer operations.

    One code to download web pages, one code to automate posting, one code to batch process files, one code to get the job done.

    From small desktop automation to large mass mailing software worth thousands of dollars. A large number of successful cases show the excellent creative ability of SimWizard.

    Simulation Wizard features: 1、Easy to record mouse and keyboard actions, free to edit, automatically help you to complete a series of specified work.

    2, powerful web programming functions, easy to create automatic posting software, and the first public powerful and effective verification code recognition technology.

    3, can automatically pull the number, automatically change the proxy, automatic chat, easy to create a variety of group posting software.

    4、Easy to create powerful game scripts, save 80% time compared to similar software.

    5、Automatically install and use programs, remote assistance, and create demo tutorials.

    6、Bind a set of automated operations to a hotkey, expand the keyboard function.

    7、Create scheduled tasks, set timed auto-run, auto-record, auto-create split files.

    8、Can monitor the record of the input of Chinese and English strings, button titles, form titles. Monitor and control the running process.

    9, through the web form to achieve the GUI interface, the magic of the new Ying programming development tools.

    Simulation Wizard software features: 1、Choose from four completely different mouse and keyboard recording modes, five recording schemes, recording mouse and keyboard operations

    1. Four different mouse and keyboard playback modes are available, including normal emulation, software emulation, emulation and hardware emulation. One click to switch.

    3、Fully automatic generation of powerful point catching, colour block catching and picture catching functions, no need to write code, one key to complete the powerful intelligent judgment function.

    4、You can design beautiful software interface by writing web pages, you can do software even if you don’t know programming.

    5、Support all high-level language features, such as variables, time delay, loops, combining the advantages of markup language and dynamic language

    6、Support customisable multi-language packages, automatic translation, you can also customise your own set of ApeML language.

    7、ApeML can carry picture attachments, can also import and export pictures, can choose three screen capture methods, can call external screen capture software…

    8、Automatically send Chinese and English strings to software, games, web pages… Support Win9x, XP, 2000, 2003…

    9、Support XML serialization, network services, zip compression, image processing, form control, memory reading and writing ……

    10, code editor support for automatic completion of the list and template code editor

    And provide a large number of video tutorials, text tutorials, free technical support forum with questions and answers, to solve your problems encountered in the use of timely.

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