Smart Clicker

SmartConnector app is a free and easy to use mobile connecter software, SmartConnector app does not require root to quickly connect, to participate and permission to modify the settings and management, SmartConnector app provides detailed operation tutorials and instructional videos, easy to get started.

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    Software features

      1、Set the number of points, the number of points are completely according to your own ideas to set, and is not any upper limit, want to set all less can be.

      2、Sliding operation, fast and convenient operation, when playing the game, you need to connect the dots or in a specific situation, you can use the sliding to trigger.

      3, new features, which also added the volume control game, you can go to control the volume on your own phone, to control the operation of the relevant functions.

      4, drag and drop position, you want to drag the button, drag and drop on the above, drag and drop to the button you want to drag and drop on the button can start.

      5、Tutorial videos, with advanced settings tutorials, to help those who are new to the software, you can quickly familiarise yourself with the basic operation of the software.

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