Sunflower Connected Dotter

Sunflower Connected Tap is a mobile app that automatically taps the screen. Sunflower Connected Tap Free requires no root, download and use, just set the tap position on the screen, Sunflower Connected Tap Free for Android also saves your settings information for you, simple to use anytime!

Software introduction

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    The Sunflower Tapbox is an application that records the actions we do on the phone screen, such as tapping the screen, swiping the screen, etc., and then actively makes it repeat the actions we just did. It can be used to record the action of clicking on the attack button, and then loop it, so that you can put the phone around to actively brush the monster, and then go to sleep.

    Software advantages

      1. It saves you the trouble of manual operation and improves the life of your phone screen.

      2. Just run the software, press the hotkeys and let the program click for you automatically!

      3. You can set the interval time and the number of key clicks.

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