Super Clicker

Software features

  1、Provides you with an extremely fast screen clicking and swiping experience, with the ability to set the click interval at will;

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    2、It can be displayed on the upper layer of the application, easy to operate and convenient, easy to get started;

      3, can set multiple click position, sliding direction and sliding distance.

    Function introduction

      1、It can easily meet the operation of various consecutive clicks, different parameters can be set;

      2, not only brings convenience, but also can replace the hands, quickly improve the entire efficiency of everyone click;

    3,You can also freely set the frequency of clicks, the interval time and the related sliding gestures.

    Software highlights

    1,A useful mobile phone auto-clicking tool that helps users to set the interval between consecutive clicks;

      2, you can choose to click the event interval and slide the event interval, in addition, there are various permission functions set to use;

      3, has a detailed software introduction and use of tutorials, to help users easily play mobile phone.


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