Super Clicker

Application Introduction
Support Android 4.4 and above phones with emulator (Root free)
No ads, no sensitive permissions, no registration, ready to use

Super Clicker can help you to free your hands completely and achieve automatic screen clicking easily.
Support functions: click, picture recognition click, color recognition, text recognition, text input, ring & pause, step flow chart, picture recognition, crazy click, sliding, multi-point simultaneous click or sliding, timed start, random time, copy steps, insert or remove specified steps, any cycle steps, save and load configuration, etc., subsequent versions will improve and add functions one after another

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    Image recognition: click and judge after successful recognition
    Color recognition: click and judge after successful recognition
    Text recognition: click and judge after successful recognition
    Multi-dot recognition: support picture recognition, color recognition and word recognition
    Crazy click: hundreds of clicks per second
    Text input: support random input and web input
    Multi-click: multiple points click or slide at the same time
    Step flow: view and edit flowchart of any step
    Timed start: Automatically start execution at the specified time
    Timed Stop: Automatically stop execution at the specified time
    Random time: click interval, press or slide time
    Grouped Steps: Customize the order of step execution
    Version support: support Android 7.0 or below system phone

    Random time click can increase the randomness of the click, closer to the manual click, instead of the past unchanging click, especially useful in the anti-detection


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