Super Clicker


1、Super Clicker app can create a variety of hand game auxiliary script to help you achieve a variety of automatic operations.

2, automatic red packet, grab single, grab train tickets, automatic sign-in, pointing and other auxiliary, screen automatic click assistant all do not matter;.

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    3、Built-in script toolbox provides you with ready-made free and practical mobile script assisted point and click function.

    4, a little bit of functionality to help you easily achieve in a short period of time to quickly and continuously click the script export function.

    5、Make mobile phone applications more convenient to use share more simple and powerful grasping tools.

    6, catch point to catch colour more accurate, is a good helper for developers interface customization.

    7, keystroke wizard super convenient and beautiful script interface customization features, so developers love MQ language.

    Update Log

    The main contents of this update are.
    [New] Add development version of the side slide menu to taste
    [Optimize] Optimize the recognition algorithm and logic
    [Bug fix] Some phones may flash back
    [Bug fix] Some phones failed to take screenshots
    [Fix] Some known bugs


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