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Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker app is an automated clicker that we can use to accomplish various automatic click processing needs, to better achieve your click processing needs, through the application of the automated click method, so that you can get rid of the hand click method, to achieve efficient click processing.

Software features
1、The application can be very flexible and efficient to achieve automatic click processing, to help users to complete your click processing needs.

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    . By automating the clicking process, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual clicking and completely free your hands.

    3、There are many scenarios in which we can use the application.

    4. Green and safe auto-clicking software that helps users to automate the execution of their clicks.

    5. You can set up a script for your own autoclick, so that you can complete more scenarios.

    Auto Clicker screenshots

    Software Highlights
    1. Repetitive clicks can be replaced by this software to assist users with clicks.

    2. The flexibility to create an effective script that allows you to have a better implementation of the autoclick.

    3. Many parameters can be changed to meet your needs.

    Software evaluation
    This application can help you to achieve your auto-tap, helping you to get the best auto-quick tap, no root access required, green software, safe to run, automatically perform your tap tasks, so you are completely free from repeated taps.

Touch Wizard

Touch Wizard is a root-free application that provides users with the ability to automate their tapping operations in various applications and games, replacing your manual repetitive tapping and helping you save more energy.

Software features
1、Automated click control through scripting, so that you do not need to do manual click operation processing.

2. You can search and find a wide range of scripts for different software applications and functional scenarios.

3. Users can record their own clicks, so that they can refuse to repeat them.

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    4. The script can be written and debugged using the PC editor via wireless connection and applied quickly on the mobile phone.

    5. Auto-click is safe and will not be banned by software or games that consider it an illegal operation.

    Touch Wizard root-free screenshots

    Software Highlights
    1、All types of script content you can find here, allowing you to quickly find the right script to use.

    2. The speed of manual clicking is surpassed, with a more efficient way of clicking and an unparalleled clicking experience.

    3. Help users to get rid of boring repeated clicks and get the best automatic click application.

    Software evaluation
    There are many auto-click scripts that can be applied to automate the clicking operation, helping users to free themselves from auto-clicking, with full control of the application scripts to achieve auto-clicking application, a very useful function to save your mind.

    Software screenshots

Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is a powerful clicker software that allows you to use it in many scenarios, allowing you to get the most out of your clicks and get fully automated clicks.

Software features
1. A practical software for automatic click assistance, we can apply this software to achieve your automatic click processing.

2. For the parameters of the clicks, there are many options available in this application, which we can freely access.

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    3. Any click rate and duration control can be selected in the application and adjusted according to different click usage requirements.

    4. The auto-tap function requires the user to have access to the phone’s auxiliary functions in order to be able to use it properly.

    5. The auto-click function allows you to automate the operation effectively, eliminating the need for users to manually repeat the click.

    Screenshot of Auto Clicker

    Software Highlights
    1, the software can support custom ui interface content, get different interface parameters style, get your favorite page theme effect.

    2、There is a lot of help in the application, users can get a good guide to use here, the application is more convenient.

    3, the use of automatic click way, to help you is better to achieve the purpose of freeing your hands, can have the best automatic effect.

    Software evaluation
    This software can help you to automate your clicks, we can use this software to achieve your automatic click handling, can be used in many software or game scenarios, to achieve a fully automatic click effect, so that you can effectively free your hands.

The game clicker

The game clicker app is a very good aid for users, we can use the role of the clicker to achieve a very convenient automatic continuous click, for some games need to repeat the click can automatically complete the use, so you can get rid of the mechanical use of the clicker, get hands free.

Software features
1. This application can help users to achieve the continuous click automatically, without the need for us to do it manually.

2. You can define your own rules to help you achieve a very effective click.

3. Various scripts can be exported, so that we can use them more quickly to achieve your clicking needs.

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    . The different click parameters can be set so that you can better meet your needs.

    5. The app does not require root access, which makes it easier for users to use.

    Screenshot of the game clicker

    Software Highlights
    1. Efficient and easy to use, making users more comfortable with your clicks and fully automated clicks.

    2. Set a lot of click actions, so that the automatic click can be applied to a variety of scenarios to achieve the needs of use.

    3. Help users to improve their experience and to complete a better and more convenient way of clicking, no more repeated clicks.

    Software Review
    This app is a great way to help users to make quick clicks, so you can use this app effectively to complete your quick actions and define different click rules, which is very easy to use and enhances your gaming experience.

Android Clicker Root Free

Android Clicker Root Free is a root free auto click tool, Android Clicker 1001 Android Clicker can single click, multi-touch cycle click, multi-touch click and so on, Android Clicker Free is powerful, easy and convenient to use, feel good friends can come to download and use.

Software Introduction

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    Android Clicker Free is a software to simulate clicking on your Android phone, also known as mobile phone screen auto clicker, Android Clicker Free can replace your hands and assist you to click on your phone screen desktop, you can achieve 200 clicks in 1 second. Implement similar functions to script wizard, clicker, etc.


    Software advantages

    You can set the click position, click frequency, swipe gesture and other operations at will.

    Suitable for impaired people. Automatic clicker, 10 times faster than hand clicking!

    Fully automatic clicking, root-free, easy to achieve automatic screen clicking.

    Software Highlights

    Built-in scripting toolbox, providing you with ready-made free and practical mobile scripting assistance

    Tap a little to help you achieve fast and continuous clicks in a short period of time

    Script export function, scripts can be exported with one click

    Powerful capture tool for easy sharing of mobile apps, more accurate point-and-click, a good helper for developers

    Interface customization: super convenient and beautiful script interface customization function

    Software features

    1、Parameter setting: you can set the click frequency you want.

    2、Single click: hundreds of clicks per second.

    3、Multi-point cyclic click: multiple points can be clicked sequentially.

    4、Multi-touch click: support click plus click, click plus slide click at the same time.

    Software features

    Click position save function, come back next time and continue to use

    Long press on the click position control will bring up the single point parameter configuration, you can set the single point delay, touch duration, repeat times

    The settings allow you to set the global click interval, touch duration and number of repetitions. There is also a quick setup function

    A lot of help for all kinds of click-based games. IDLE games such as Crazy Click are simple and efficient.

Full Power Tap app is a good mobile phone automatic click tool, full power tap app is powerful, support automatic click, continuous click, you can customize the speed and number of clicks, experience automatic operation, very convenient.

Software Introduction

Full Tap is the latest mobile phone operation aid, providing a variety of gesture combinations such as tap, swipe and multi-tap operations, you can freely set the tap position, tap speed and number of taps, it is an indispensable essential tool in your mobile phone.

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    Are you chagrined that you can’t swipe Shake while washing dishes? Are you unable to achieve the quick change of King because of your slow hand speed? Now, leave all these problems to Full Power Tap!

    Full Power Tap

    Software features

    1. Support add click, slide, multi-point operation

    2. You can save the operation points you set, set once, use forever

    3. You can set the position of each operation point, the delay time and the number of operations at will.

    Software highlights

    1. Automatic click operation, easy to customize

    2、Make mobile phone operation easier and more convenient

    3. Powerful function, bring you more convenience

Mobile phone auto clicker

Mobile phone auto clicker Android software download, provides you with the latest version of 2020, a new keystroke wizard app, if you need auxiliary function services, then this software you can not miss, to create the best auto clicker software 2020 Oh!

Software Description
Auto Clicker helps you to automatically click on the screen without ROOT permission. You can easily add click positions and set click speed. A mobile phone clicker application.

Similar to Keystroke Wizard.

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    Only supports Android 7.0 and above.

    What about Auto Clicker software]
    The mobile phone auto clicker creates a very good automatic keystroke function software, the aspect of use is very wide, very powerful, easily help you whether the game or other entertainment when easily free every user’s hands!

    It can be used on any app, you can set any position to click or slide at any time, a very good software, where the keystroke wizard can do this software can also do, the software needs to feel a little more yourself before you can use it, record your own script to save, white people can also record, brush the game what can be.

    Mobile phone auto clicker 2022 latest version

    [Software Features
    1. Click or slide frequency setting

    – You can set how often you want to click, to match your settings

    – Long press and short press times can be set freely

    – Touch points can be hidden or displayed at any time

    – Click frequency can be changed at any time

    – The click frequency can be changed quickly with one click

    2. Set the cycle mode

    – Number of cycles

    – Cycle until the stop button is pressed

    – Cycle time

    3、Storage and reading of settings

    – Quickly turn on the set coordinates

    4、Game anti-detection

    – Avoid clicking on the same coordinates, do small distance random displacement, avoid the game company detection

    5、Function bar setting

    – Choose your favourite display theme

    – You can freely sort the order of the buttons and hide the functions you don’t need

    – Vertical or horizontal display

    How to use Auto Clicker
    Enter the phone settings function and set the permission for the auxiliary function

    In the accessibility settings, turn on the auto clicker function

    Once turned on, it will monitor your actions, retrieve window content and perform gestures

Auto-clicker with ad-free version

You must have encountered this problem when playing games, that is, you want to complete a task, you have to repeat the same operation, and a long time, and this will not only cause a great impact on your gaming experience, but also a waste of time, but you have today I bring this automatic clicker to remove advertising version is different, because through this software you can You can set the number of clicks, the interval, the duration and other parameters, so that the clicker can complete the operation for you, thus freeing your hands. Of course, in addition to completing game tasks, the software can also be used to grab orders, especially those that are limited, after all, you do not have to use the clicker, it is very difficult to grab, for this I know. It’s also a good thing that you don’t need root access to use it. If you need it, hurry up and download it from this site to experience it.

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    Software features
    1, super simple interface and function although simple but very practical, I believe that many people appear to help others to grab train tickets, this automatic click assistant allows you to easily get;.
    2, absolutely all the functions are free to use, and ROOT-free permissions allow you to export functions in a short time through continuous click script, convenient and compact and easy to operate.
    3, auto clicker to ad version inside a detailed tutorial instructions, it is recommended to take a good look before using then, support single mode as well as more than one mode of choice, click rate and click length and duration of custom settings can be customized settings.

    Software highlights
    1、Help the majority of Android users to free their hands, easy to set the frequency of clicks.
    2, one key to set the operating instructions, to provide you with the perfect click effect.
    3, small size does not occupy your phone memory, effective for a variety of games or applications to assist.
    4、Easy full screen start clicking (except bubble).
    5、Set the click position freely online, this application is also suitable for different resolutions.
    6、Real-time setting of mobile phone click frequency, finger press time, finger pop-up time setting (generally not used), etc.

    1, auto clicker to ad version can create a variety of hand game auxiliary script, to help you achieve a variety of automatic operations.
    2, automatic grab red packet, grab single, grab train tickets, automatic check-in, pointing and other auxiliary, screen auto-click assistant all do not care;.
    3、Built-in script toolbox provides you with ready-made free and practical mobile phone scripts assisted by point and click function.
    4, a little bit of functionality to help you easily achieve in a short period of time to quickly and continuously click the script export function.
    5、Make mobile phone applications more convenient to use share more simple and powerful grasping tools.
    6, catch point to catch colour more accurate, is a good helper for developers interface customization.
    7, keystroke wizard super convenient and beautiful script interface customization features, so developers love MQ language.

    Common problems
    1. Can’t auto-click after an application crash?
    If you can’t perform an auto-click after an application crash, this is caused by a system bug, etc. Please disable the Accessibility permission and re
    grant permission again. If it doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the system, try restarting your phone.
    [Reset Permissions].
    Or you can force kill the app, the system will take back the permission and you can try again. The button below will guide you
    Go to the app information page and click the Force Stop button.
    Force Stop App]
    If it doesn’t work, you need to reboot your phone and try again (system bug, we can’t solve it either T.T)
    2、How do I set the click frequency (speed)?
    Don’t set it too low, generally 60 clicks per second is the limit, many games limit the number of clicks per second, like Tap
    Setting too low will lead to system instability.
    3, ANR system does not respond?
    Because the simulation of fast click, the system can not respond to the user and other real click, click the control panel (hover window) to pause and then operate.
    Or click on the speed set a little lower
    4、Floating window permission

i Clicker VIP Crack is an automatic electric clicker for Android phones

i Clicker VIP Crack is an automatic electric clicker for Android phones, it has many and powerful functions, you can define your own methods and gestures to facilitate you to quickly open the function to use, saving a lot of steps, and the parameters, permissions, modes and so on can be set by yourself.

Application description
Clicker, Android clicker, auto clicker, auto connect clicker, helps you to automatically click the screen without ROOT permission. It is very easy to add taps, swipes and function key operations.

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    Implementing an auto clicker helper that simulates tapping on your phone screen, it replaces your hands and assists you with gestures on your phone screen. It implements similar functions as Script Wizard, Auto Rush, Auto Refresh, Auto Keystroke, Auto Tap, Auto Add Friend, Auto Brush Copy, etc.

    We support single tap, swipe gestures, function keys, multi-touch gestures, smart recognition clicks and other operations. Supports clicker and recorder for making scripts.

    One Clicker Crack

    Function introduction
    Parameter settings support: click period, number of executions, number of repetitions, touch duration, swipe duration, click position offset distance, touch duration random time, conditional smart literacy.

    Function keys support: Menu key, Home key, Back key, Open status bar, Action screenshot (Android 9.0), Action screenshot (Android 5.0), Three-finger screenshot, Open/Switch app, Click text (support Android native text and web text), Enter text, Delay wait, Click according to control ID.

    Personalised features support: click marker offset area display, pointer position display, toolbar support hide, clicker toolbar customisation, multi-script hover run, script merge, multi-script hover single script run, multi-script hover sequential run, long press delete action, script share import.

    iClicker App Highlights
    1、Completely free clicker APP, no ads clean and tidy, pure clicker function.

    2、Customize various gestures and click operations, support multi-touch clicking, start clicking quickly.

    3, set the parameters you want, bring you the click service you need, free your hands.

    4、Operation customization, set very free, play games hanging, good clicker.

    Software advantages
    Multi-click: click or slide multiple points at the same time

    Timed start: set a specified time to start automatically

    Random time: click interval, press or swipe time

    Crazy clicks: hundreds of clicks per second

    Version v3.1.7

    1. Fix the bug that the function button cannot be displayed in landscape mode of the recorder.

    2、Multi-script run hover window add sticky edge run mode.

    3、Add long press to close the hover window.

    4、Click on the text to support click range setting.

    5、Click text and click according to control ID add only the last click setting.

    v2.1.8 Version

    1、Optimize the way of running multiple scripts for recorder type scripts.

    2、Optimize clicker toolbar retracted state sliding.

    3、[New] Support broken touch and non-broken touch mode.

    4、[New] Optimize the script import function, you can click the shared script file and choose to use i clicker to open and import the script.

The free version of the screen auto-clicker

The free version of the screen auto-clicker is an auto-clicker specially created for the majority of users and friends, the app is very simple to use, the user only needs is to set up various parameters on the line, such as the number of clicks, interval time, position and so on, after setting up, you can turn on at any time, very convenient.

About the app
Screen auto click: help the majority of Android users to free their hands, to achieve a short period of fast continuous click acceleration, easy to set the click frequency; one key recording, you can repeat the recorded operation, easy to achieve the operation of recording video, repeat click.

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    Screen Auto Click Download

    Application features
    Screen auto click, support screen single click, multi-point cycle click, click plus swipe combination and other kinds of gestures. Also the recorder can complete complex operations by means of gesture recording.

    Functional features
    Easy to use, quick to get started; no ROOT permission required, and can be used for global applications, easy to get started

    Automatic continuous tapping, free your hands; help Android users free their hands, achieve a short period of continuous tapping speed, easy to set the frequency of tapping

    Gesture recording with various functions; small size does not occupy the phone’s memory, effectively create a variety of effective games and applications auxiliary script, support screen single click, multi-point cycle click, click plus slide combination and other gestures

    Application scenarios
    1, the game automatically click to brush gifts, hanging operation to fight bosses, free your hands, assist a variety of click games. Like crazy click, click to kill titan and other IDLE games, simple and efficient. Have fun:)

    2、Automatic in-app likes, automatic sign-in, automatic ticketing, automatic keystrokes, click acceleration, etc.

    3、Video, circle of friends, live platform fast click, simple and efficient

    4、Watching news, reading novels, short videos automatically click to refresh, the whole process of automatic slide to turn the page