Tally • Quick Counter

Tally is the easy and quick way to keep count on your iPhone and iPad. Easy gesture interface keeps your eyes free while counting.

Launch the app and tap anywhere to increment the counter, no need to look at the iPhone to find the right button – just tap. Features include:

– Easy gesture support. Tap to count, swipe down to count in down.

– Today widget with counting capabilities to easily access and update multiple tallies.

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    – Create multiple tally counters for tracking multiple totals. Swipe to right to show tally list. You can even count in the list, great for game scoring!

    – Each tally can count up or down, and have a “step” increment – to count by twos, fives, tens, whatever. Swipe left to configure a tally.

    – Visual and audio confirmation of counts.

    – Quick reset to a starting value.

    – Share integration to export current tally value, or all tally values.

    – Haptic feedback on supported devices.

    Unlock the full version of Tally for unlimited tally counters.

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