Tap Linker app is an auto-triggered action app for various scenarios

Tap Linker app is an auto-triggered action app for various scenarios. Tap Linker provides a series of handy tools that allow users to customize their actions, Tap Linker helps Android users to free their hands.

Software Description

  Tap Tap App, unlocking wonderfully useful black technology!

Feature Highlights

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    “Tap is based on the Android Assist function, which helps to free up your hands for Android users and can be used for global applications.

      ”Tap to Unlock” sets up unlocking actions such as tapping on the back of the phone, and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the gesture with Tap.

      ”Add items” Customise your unlocking actions such as launch apps, camera, voice assistant, screenshot, torch, notifications, lock screen, etc.

      ”Custom events” Tap Tap can be set to prevent the gesture from running when it is recognised e.g. pause the gesture to unlock when the screen is closed. Easy to save time and improve efficiency.

      ”Do Not Disturb mode” ignores the Do Not Disturb setting on your device and vibrates when touched! You can choose whether or not to turn on the vibration alert setting.

    Software features

      Discover: Hundreds of powerful and popular apps and games

      Recording function: Simulates all the movements of your finger on the screen with ease

      Script export function: Scripts on Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click, making it easier to use and share the mobile app

      Powerful capture tool: the keystroke capture tool is a great help for developers.

      Interface customization: Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful scripting interface customization feature makes developers love it.

    Software advantages

      1. It saves you the hassle of manual operation and improves the life of your phone screen.

      2. Just run the software, press the hotkeys and let the program click for you automatically!

      3. You can set the interval time and the number of key clicks.

      4. Safe, free and green application that simulates finger touch screen operation without any malicious plug-ins or pop-ups.

    Software Highlights

      1. Record user touch actions

      2. Support script editing function

      3. Support full-screen image search, area search and fuzzy image search

      4. Support full screen colour search, area colour search and fuzzy colour search

      5. More functions are waiting for you to experience

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