The best clickers for game aids

Software features

  Built-in toolbox, providing you with a ready-made, free and useful mobile phone aid

  Export function, scripts on Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click

  Powerful capture tool for easy sharing of mobile apps, more accurate point and click capture, a great helper for developers

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    Interface customization: Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful script interface customization feature

      The MQ language is a new scripting language designed by Keystroke Wizard for its mobile products. The language supports full Chinese script reading and is easy to learn and use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      How does the auto-dotter work? How to adjust the fastest Auto-Clicker?

      1, open the “Auto Dot Com” app, point to start, you need to authorize two permissions, go to complete it.

      2, open the permission. If you can not find how to open permissions, you can also check Baidu know how to open the corresponding phone models, very simple.

      3、After the permissions are opened, go back to the home page of the “Automatic serializer” and click the start button.

      4, open the interface you need to click, align the location, set up can be automatically clicked.


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