The free rooted version of the mobile phone clicker

The free rooted version of the mobile phone clicker is a very good clicker specifically for those who like to hang up games and second snatching, helping you to quickly complete their repetitive tools, greatly relieving your work content, I believe that many of you will like it very much, hurry to download the latest mobile phone clicker free rooted version to experience it!

Mobile Connecting Dots Free

Basic introduction
It is a tool based on Android to imitate clicking on the screen of a mobile phone in a ROOT-free situation, and can be used to stop automated testing in bulk, assist people with disabilities to use the phone, and trigger continuous clicking on the phone with one click.

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    Software features

    1. In online games, you can use your mobile phone to create scripts for auto-fighting, auto-blooding, auto-talking and other functions.
    2. office homes can use the Button Wizard to automate data conversions between forms, automatic document formatting, article layout, and automatic sending and receiving of emails.
    3. using the Button Wizard to automatically open and check web links, literature searches and repeat data collection
    4. Any computer operation can be done with both hands on the front of the computer.

    Software features
    Built-in scripting toolbox, providing you with ready-made free and practical mobile scripting assistance

    Point and click function, helping you to easily achieve rapid successive clicks in a short period of time

    Script export function, scripts on Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click

    A powerful tool to make mobile apps easier to use and share, with a more accurate point-and-click tool, a great helper for developers

    Interface customisation: Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful scripting interface customisation feature

    The MQ language is a new scripting language designed by Keystroke Wizard for its mobile products. The language supports full Chinese script reading and is easy to learn and use.

    Update Notes
    [New] support for control operations, solving the adaptation problem.

    [New] support for traversing lists to like or comment.

    [New] enhanced version with support for multiple operations.

    [new] support for the constraint role of accessible villains.

    [new] support for four top-level alert modes.

    [New] no pop-up for the share function after invoking a system screenshot.

    [New] added empty command operation.

    [New] support for multiple conditions and non-free combinations.

    [New] added grouping to support backup and restore.

    [new] support for masking all previous or subsequent operations.

    [New] support for unblocking all blocked operations.

    [new] support for copying operations to the clipboard.

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