The free version of the GameLink is a very good game assistant mobile software

Software highlights

  Discovery function: provide you with hundreds of powerful and popular auxiliary and high-quality hand games

  Point and click function: helps you easily achieve quick and continuous clicking in a short period of time

  Recording function: Simulates all the movements of your finger on the screen with ease

  Script export function: Scripts on Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click, making it easier to use and share the mobile app

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    Powerful capture tool: the keystroke capture tool is a great help for developers.

      Interface customisation: Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful scripting interface customisation makes it easy for developers to use.

    How to use

      Start/end auto-clicking with the floating control panel. You can use the control panel to add click positions to the screen to enable auto-clicking.

      Save the click position and come back to it next time

      Long press on the click position control brings up the single click parameter configuration, which allows you to set the single click delay, touch duration and number of repetitions

      The settings allow you to set the global click interval, touch duration and number of repetitions. There is also a quick setup function

      A lot of help for all kinds of click-based games. IDLE games such as Crazy Click are simple and efficient.

    Software Review

      1. A handy and quick gadget assistant that can be used after a simple setup, click inside to open it.

      2. Script export function: scripts on the keystroke wizard can be exported with one click, making it easier to use the mobile app and share it more easily.

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