The free version of the GameLink

The free version of the GameLink is a very good game assistant mobile software, you can use the GameLink app to turn on the continuous dot mode with a single click, a lot of auxiliary functions for you to choose from the GameLink app!

Software introduction

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    It is a very powerful tool to help you to play the game, to improve the experience of the game, to help the game player to complete the corresponding operation, to achieve the automatic way to click, to save the user’s time and energy, to free the user’s hands, to bring a more efficient way of operation.

    Game clicker

    Software features

      1. A must-have mobile tool for all gamers, which can effectively enhance the gaming entertainment experience.

      2. Effectively solve the repetition of meaningless operations click, efficient to complete.

      3. Designed for games, the software is very powerful and can pay for a variety of popular games.

      4. The game requires non-stop click copies and links can be used, freeing up their hands.


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