The Hurricane Clicks app

The Hurricane Clicks app is an automatic clicker for Android phones that simulates clicking and swiping. The Hurricane Clicks app replaces your hands and assists you in clicking on the screen of your phone.

Hurricane Clicker

Software Description

The Hurricane Clicker allows you to set the position, frequency and swipe gestures of your clicks. Automatic clicker, ten times faster than hand clicking! Fully automatic execution, screen auto-tap, no root access required, easy to achieve screen auto-tap.

Software features

  Auto-tap, free your hands; help the majority of Android users to free their hands, to achieve a short period of continuous click speed, easy to set the click frequency

  Easy to use, quick to get started; no need for ROOT permission, and can be used for global applications, easy to get started

  Real-time saving, one click to enable; one click to set the operation command, save the click script, come back next time to continue to use, to provide you with the perfect click effect

Software features

  Gesture recording with various functions; small size does not occupy the phone memory, effective in making various effective game and application assist scripts, supports various gestures such as screen single tap, multi-tap cycle tap, tap plus slide combination.

  Multi-touch, auxiliary simulation; you can set multiple click operations, and set the order of click, time interval, repeat times


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