The most powerful auto clicker ever

auto clicker

auto clicker is a software that is dedicated to improving the gaming and heavy mobile phone user’s experience, it includes all the functions of the same type of software available on the market and is simpler, more convenient and more powerful, with a series of more advanced functions such as mobile phone screen recognition, software button recognition, colour recognition, etc., specially designed for special users. The user experience is greatly enhanced, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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    1 Colour recognition, the ability to recognise the colour of any area of the phone screen and click on it.

    The system can automatically recognise the colour change before and after the button and click on it automatically.

    2 Screen recognition, recognises all the photos that appear on the phone screen and clicks on them.

    When browsing videos or web pages, it can recognise the video cover or article illustration on the screen according to the pre-set script and then use it with other functions to complete the likes, favorites, retweets or comments, some operations can be performed automatically by setting the script in advance.

    1. Button recognition, recognise the position of the buttons on the phone screen and click on them according to your needs.

    Use scenarios, identify the clickable buttons on the current screen and add them to the script to achieve precise clicks without worrying about the position of the button changing each time it is repeated.

    We also have many other features that can be combined with each other to create different creative ways to play with your phone, so look forward to more people joining us and creating new ways to play with your phone.

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