This is a free software for automatic continuous clicking of the mouse

This is a free software for automatic continuous clicking of the mouse. It simulates quick clicks on the left and right mouse buttons (usually, usually used to simulate mouse clicks). All you need to do is set the time interval and the hotkeys, when you press the shortcut key, the software will automatically click quickly until you press the shortcut key again.

Download Address: Click here to download the mouse clicker

The interface is shown in the following image.
Mouse clicker

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    You can set the following parameters in the software.
    1, Click category: left or right click.
    2, Time interval: i.e. how often the mouse is clicked.
    3, Set the hotkey: the default hotkey is Ctrl+D, you can set the hotkey to any value as you want. When you press the hotkey, the auto-click starts working immediately, and stops working after another click.
    4, Auto start on boot: This option should not need much explanation, it means that the software will start running automatically on boot.
    5, automatically minimise to tray after startup: generally we will show the software window after opening the software, if you don’t need to change the parameters, then minimise it to tray, after ticking this option, the software will be minimised directly to the bottom right corner of the screen when it starts.

    If you are a gaming-obsessed husband, your wife will be complaining that you are still crackling your mouse in the middle of the night, so with this software you may be able to play your games silently. With the addition of our mouse emulator, you may be able to operate your computer without using a mouse at all.
    If you are a professional gamer, you may be playing games around the clock in order to improve your game level. When playing games, the most you can do is to click the mouse. Even if you click fast, I don’t think it will be more than 100 clicks per minute and I believe you may get dizzy if you play for too long, but with this software, you can not only increase the speed of clicking, but also greatly reduce the intensity of your operation and make you feel good every day.

    The mouse clicker is able to achieve the following automatic click functions
    1, Auto-click the left mouse button

    Clicking on the left button is the most frequent operation we use when using the computer, we can select an item or a file by clicking on it. When we play a game on the computer, we can usually use the left click to attack enemies or pick up game equipment on the ground. Because of overuse, the left mouse button is usually the first part of the mouse to break down. Using this software to simulate mouse clicks will not only reduce the effort and increase the speed of the clicks, but will also reduce the frequency of use and thus protect it from breaking down so easily and extend its life.

    2. Automatic right click of the mouse

    When we click on the right mouse button, a right click menu will usually pop up, in some games, you can right click to move the game character to the current mouse position. Right click is generally used less frequently than left click, but there are individual games where we also need to use the right click frequently, using this mouse auto clicker software will save you time and improve efficiency.

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