This is a very good mobile phone clicker that requires no root and no payment.

Full Automatic Clicker Root Free

Introduction Full Automatic Clicker for Android has a variety of functions, one key operation, automatic operation, parameter setting and other features, Full Automatic Clicker for Android can help you to realize the mobile phone automatic click operation, easy to use super straightforward, you can freely combine the use of Oh!

Full Auto Clicker Root Free

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    Automatic clicker root-free version features 1、Multi-touch click: support click plus click, click plus slide at the same time click.

    2、Parameter setting: you can set the click frequency you want.

    3、Multi-point cyclic click: multiple points are cyclic clicked in turn.

    4、Single click: several hundred clicks per second.

    Full Automatic Clicker Root Free

    Highlights of Fully Automatic Clicker Root Free 1、Random time: click interval, press or slide time

    2、Multi-point click: multiple points are clicked or swiped at the same time

    3、Timed start: start clicking automatically at a specified time

    4、Crazy click: hundreds of clicks per second

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