Touch Wizard

Touch Wizard is a root-free application that provides users with the ability to automate their tapping operations in various applications and games, replacing your manual repetitive tapping and helping you save more energy.

Software features
1、Automated click control through scripting, so that you do not need to do manual click operation processing.

2. You can search and find a wide range of scripts for different software applications and functional scenarios.

3. Users can record their own clicks, so that they can refuse to repeat them.

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    4. The script can be written and debugged using the PC editor via wireless connection and applied quickly on the mobile phone.

    5. Auto-click is safe and will not be banned by software or games that consider it an illegal operation.

    Touch Wizard root-free screenshots

    Software Highlights
    1、All types of script content you can find here, allowing you to quickly find the right script to use.

    2. The speed of manual clicking is surpassed, with a more efficient way of clicking and an unparalleled clicking experience.

    3. Help users to get rid of boring repeated clicks and get the best automatic click application.

    Software evaluation
    There are many auto-click scripts that can be applied to automate the clicking operation, helping users to free themselves from auto-clicking, with full control of the application scripts to achieve auto-clicking application, a very useful function to save your mind.

    Software screenshots

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