Toucher is a good automatic clicker software

Toucher is a good automatic clicker software, toucher is powerful, support continuous click mode, toucher multiple gestures can choose, support a variety of apps, can save the script, one key to start, toucher is easy to operate, manual key wizard.

Software introduction

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     It is an automatic clicker that allows you to customise the content of your clicks, supports tap, longan, swipe, home and task recording.


    Software Features

      Multiple gestures, supports all apps

      Save scripts and start with one click

      Easy to use, mobile keystroke wizard

      Support complex scenarios, multi-tasking sequential execution

    Software features

      Clicker, start playing now

      An automatic clicker that simulates clicking on your mobile phone

      A double clicker that replaces your hands and helps you click on the desktop of your mobile phone

      Touchtone – a button clicker

    Software features

      * Supports click, double click, swipe, long press

      * Record gestures – you are able to record your own gestures easily

      * Set the parameters of the click at will, such as the delay of a single tap, the length of the touch, the number of repetitions

      * Save in real time, reuse and share with friends with one click

      * Countdown timer reminder

      * Suitable for people with disabilities.

      * Simple and easy to use interface

      * Auto-tap to help you with tasks that require repeated taps

      * Auto swipe to help you swipe around the screen automatically

      * Automatic quick connecter, ten times faster than hand tapping!

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