Function introduction

Steps for usage

  1. Active service and launch operation panel.
  2. Click the record button to record the gesture operation.
  3. Click the Start button to replay the recorded gesture.

Operation panel function introduction


图1Mange all script configuration

图2Start performing the recorded gesture

图3Record gestures

图4Close panel

图5Minimize the panel

图6 How to stop running after starting ? if you want to stop during , you can directly lock the screen and wait for five seconds to stop automatically

Recording panel function introduction


图8 Stop and save all actions currently recorded

图9 Undo the last action

图10 Perform repeated clicks

图11 Perform back action

图12 Perform home action

图13 Perform Recent key

图14 Launch application

图14 Wait randomly

图15 button recognition and click

Compared with button recognition and coordinate click, the former can ignore the difference in button position, screen resolution ,and screen resolution, and screen size ,and click the button accurately.

Basic guide

Gesture record


The operation is very simple, without writing any scripts, it can help you complete the repetitive work

Recording gesture


Click the record button to start recording all the next actions, and finally click the finish button to complete the recording task

Playback recorded task


Click the playback button to start repeating the recorded actions

Cycle interval & Cycles

Time interval: After executing a task, wait a specified time before continuing to execute the next task

Times of loop: Times of loop executed by this task

How to set up

Open the task list setting, and then edit the relevant settings


Perform repeated clicks

The continuous click function allows you to trigger a click at a certain position all the time

How to set up

If you want to record an infinite loop click task, after starting the recording, only add a continuous click action, and then save it

Advanced tutorial

Timed execution

Set timed execution for the task will be executed automatically at the specified time

How to set up

Click the menu button in the list, and then select timing execution



After setting the timing, the lock screen execution first:

You need to set the lock screen execution first

After the specified time is reached, there is no automatic execution:

  1. Due to system limitations,timed tasks cannot be triggered after the screen is locked. You can keep the phone charged to solve this problem.
  2. Need to set relevant permissions

Execute from lock screen

By recording the unlock gestures, you can let your other gestures be executed successfully form lock screen.

How to set up


Recording steps:

  1. Lock the screen
  2. Click the record button, start to unlock by password or gesture, and then save.


Note: In some cases, the unlocking layout may change, causing automatic unlocking to fail, for example: after restarting the device.

Launch application & gesture navigation

During the recording process,you cannot record application launch and navigation gestures , but you can use the functions of the operation panel instead

How to set up

During the recording process, expand the recording panel, and then select the function which you need


Edit the recorded task

The recorded task, you can edit the task to modify the duration or delay time of an action. You can add or delete an action, without the need to re-record the whole

How to set up

Click the menu button in the list,and then select Edit Details



If there are problems such as app close, freezing, please be sure to add a whitelist according to the following instructions to avoid being cleaned by the system.

if it still to run normally, please Try to restart the phone


Set the auto clicker to use power at will or not to sleep to avoid being cleaned by the system


  1. App stopped working after time. Check if accessibility service is terned on (the system may have turned it off). Sometimes you need to re-grant permission (turn it off and turn on) or reboot your device to enable Accessibility Service Back.
  2. **Always need to enable accessibility service ** You should turn off battery optimization for Auto clicker app. This settings mostly available under System Settings ->Battery optimization -> Choose Auto clicker -> Choose don’t optimize.
  3. Other issues Can refer to the specific tutorial instructions in the tutorial page