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Ultimate Clicker is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you perform any click, swipe, zoom in, and zoom out gestures repetitively. It’s totally FREE. You can also customize delay time, loops, and duration for each gesture to perform more complex tasks.

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    🔸 Easy to use

    auto clicker img

    🔸 No Root access required

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    🔸 Lightweight app size

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    🔸 Comprehensive gestures that cover all you need

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    🔸 Save and load configurations

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    🔸 Import and export configurations between different devices

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    🔸 Unlimited number of configurations and gestures

    🔸 Customize delay time, loops, and duration for each gesture

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    🔸 Lock mode can prevent any unwanted or accident changes to each gesture
    🔸 Add random time delay and shifting coordinates for advanced uses

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    🔸 Advanced Editor provides more features: Find an action, start script from a specific action, group actions, move actions, bulk action settings
    🔸 Style Settings comes in three themes and a transparency adjustment

    System requirement:
    🔸 Android 7.0+
    🔸 Accessibility permission
    🔸 Draw overlay permission

    Install Ultimate Clicker now and start enjoying it!

    Here’s what you need to know about the update.

    – Bug fix – copying configuration should carry overwrite mode

    – Bug fix – start/stop should remain the collapsible panel state

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