Updated version of Screen Recorder v7.0.3

  1. Optimize user experience
  2. Fix known bugs

Introduction of Screen Recorder Auto Clicker for Android
Screen Recorder Auto Clicker is an auto clicker that requires no root access to record operations and click assistants, it can replace hands to automatically grab orders, automatically grab red packets, grab shopping coupons, assist you in the phone screen interface gesture click simulator, you can add any click position, set the click speed, record swipe gestures and any other operations in the clicker, through the recording of gestures to complete complex operations, support a variety of It supports a variety of modes for all kinds of applications and in-game operations, which are very helpful and powerful. It includes features like keystroke wizard, auto answer, auto grab, auto connect, auto like, auto sign in and app accelerator. It also helps users to create various game scripts quickly.

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    App Features]
    Quick start, one key to run; no need ROOT permission, and can be used for global applications, recorded gestures can be played directly through the hover button after execution
    Continuous click acceleration, automatic execution; record click or swipe operation at any position at any time, free users’ hands, achieve continuous click acceleration, easily set the click frequency and time interval
    Real-time saving and reuse; save the click script after recording and come back to use it next time so that you don’t need to re-record it next time you use it
    Gesture recording with a variety of functions; you can record a variety of gestures, supporting single click, multi-point circular click, click plus swipe combination and other irregular gestures to efficiently complete the needs of various application scenarios.
    Quick setting, multiple controls; you can set multiple click operations, and set the order of click, time interval, repeat times

    Application scenarios]
    1、Automatic fast red packet grabbing, group red packets automatically grabbed in seconds, no longer worry about hand speed than others slow
    2、The game hangs to do activities, brush gifts, fight bosses, the whole automatic completion, free your hands
    3、Automatic check-in, automatic ticketing, automatic likes, automatic keystrokes, click acceleration, etc., applicable to all kinds of APP
    4、Shopping platform to grab shopping coupons, grab discounts, a key to open, non-stop benefits to receive
    5、Watch news, short videos, novels and other apps, automatic browsing, easy to hang, get rewards

    How to use]
    1、Click the “Open Service Permissions Service” on the home page of APP – click the open button
    2, in the auxiliary functions to find the “recording screen automatic clicker”, open the required permissions, click OK
    3, back to the home page click the “start” button, view the instructions for use and start recording operations
    4, select the triangle play button, click “Playback” to execute the recorded gestures
    5, through the settings can set the global click interval, the number of cycles, renaming

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