Wkong auto clicker

Software Features

  Wukong Auto Clicker is convenient and easy to operate. It can replace your hands and assist you to click on the desktop of your mobile phone screen, which can quickly achieve multiple clicks.

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    Provide click gestures, multi-point gesture combination operation, support screen single click, multi-point cycle click combination and other kinds of gestures, can be used for mobile phone repetitive high scene.

    Software description

      1, Android auto clicker is a realization of the simulation of click Android phone auto clicker software also called mobile phone screen auto serial clicker, it can replace the hands, assist you in the mobile phone screen desktop click, can achieve 200 clicks in 1 second.

      2, to achieve similar functions as Script Wizard, clicker, etc. You can set the click position, click frequency, swipe gesture and other operations at will.

      3, Suitable for impaired people. Automatic clicker, 10 times faster than hand clicking!

      4, Automatic clicker, mobile phone screen automatic continuous clicker, automatic clicker without root, easy to achieve automatic screen click


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